Marcus Gunnarsen
Eyes: Brown
Height: Ca 177 cm
Relationship status: Single
Favorite football team: Manchester United
How to tell him from Martinus: A little bit taller, and longer hair

My favorite moments with our fans is to see the time and the effort they are using on us. Coming to our concerts, posting things on social media, sending us stuff… It means a lot. And I always love to see their faces and their posters in the audience when we’re singing.

My favorite moment of our career have to be the concert we had on Voldsløkka in Oslo, with more than 35.000 people in the audience. It was one of the best concerts we’ve ever had.

My favorite moment with my brother is being on stage together. It would not be the same to be alone up there!

My favorite moment with our family is when we have time to have Friday tacos at home. We always used to do that before we started traveling so much. So now I appreciate it a lot when we have the time, it’s really nice.

My favorite moment from making the Moments album is when we were in Stockholm and played FIFA with the producers when we had some time off! And also that we made more grown up music, you can really tell that we have grown, together with the music.

My favorite moment from the Moments Tour is showing all the fans all the new songs live, and that we dance more than we have done before, and seeing ALL the people that come to see us!