Martinus Gunnarsen
Eyes: Brown
Height: Ca 176 cm
Relationship status: Single
Favorite football team: Chelsea
How to tell him from Marcus: A mole on the upper lip

My favorite moments with our fans is always when we’re on stage, performing, and to see them smile and be happy because of us. That makes me extremely happy. When they sing along and go all crazy!

My favorite moment of our career is the Voldsløkka-concert we had in Oslo, everything just felt so right from the beginning to the end and the crowd was amazing. And when we played in front of 70.000 people in Greece and the local police had to escort us out of the arena afterwards. That was pretty cool!

My favorite moment with my brother Is when we’re on stage. It’s so nice to have someone to share everything with, who experiences the same things and understand all of it.

My favorite moment with our family is being together on Fridays, eating tacos and just relax and being together. I bet Marcus answered the same!

My favorite moment from making the Moments album is that we participated a lot and helped writing several songs. And we worked with so many cool people that always wanted to play football with us as well!

My favorite moment from the Moments Tour is of course seeing all the fans that come to the concerts in so many different countries! And also hanging out with our crew and making the best shows we’ve ever done.