Born in February 2002, Marcus & Martinus was born and raised in the small town in Northern Norway, Trofors. From an early age the boys enjoyed singing and entertaining, and at the age of nine they wrote their first song ‘’To Dråper Vann’’ and entered the national singing contest, MGPjr. With their magnetic stage presence and the catchy song, the boys charmed all of Norway, and ended up winning the contest on live TV on September 2012 at the age of 10.

When the twins expected the attention to slowly fade out after MGPjr, the exact opposite happened. The interest for Marcus & Martinus just kept growing across Norway as they went touring, released new songs and even debuted as TV hosts in the show “Sommer i Dyreparken” the summer of 2014. Fans started showing up everywhere the boys went, with big M’s in their cheeks and posters with their pictures on. Little did M&M know of the craziness that was to come!

2015 turned out to be an important year for the talented boys. They signed a record deal with Sony Music, and released their debut album “Hei” February 23rd. The album got off to a flying start, debuting on the Top 40 charts in the first week. In addition to their previously released songs, the album also consisted of six new songs, produced by some of Norway’s top hitmakers. And when the duo performed at VG-lista, Norway’s biggest live event with 80.000 people in the audience, there was no longer any doubt about their popularity: Marcus & Martinus is here to stay.

The hit single “Elektrisk” feat Katastrofe was released in July 2015 and became the ultimate summer hit in Norway. Everyone knew the lyrics to “Elektrisk”! The smash hit even made Marcus & Martinus the youngest Norwegian acts to ever stream to platinum. As of today, their music has garnered close to 120 million streams on Spotify.
“Elektrisk” also became Norway’s most viewed music video on YouTube in 2015, and the most viewed Norwegian-speaking music video of all time!

The fan edition of “Hei”, with four additional songs, was released in November 2015, and went straight to #1 on the official album charts in Norway. In total, the “Hei” album holds the astonishing record of being the first Norwegian album to stay in the top 10 on the album charts for the longest time with its 66 coherent weeks. The album even peaked at #2 on the official album charts in Sweden.

As their fan base grew, both in Norway and abroad, they boys wanted to expand their reach by releasing their first single in English. On May 2016, they released the smash hit ‘’Girls’’ featuring Madcon, and the song went straight to #1 on all the Norwegian charts. ‘’Girls’ was then followed by the singles “Heartbeat”, “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” and the dance hit ‘’Light It Up’’ featuring Jamaican artist Samantha J.

It’s simply not possible to talk about Marcus & Martinus without mentioning their extremely loyal fans, who’s given themselves the name “MM’ers”. They have made Marcus & Martinus the biggest Scandinavian music sensation anyone has seen in years.

The brothers’ second album is called “Together”, and the title marks the incredible journey Marcus & Martinus have had together so far. Both the two of them as brothers, but also with the fans. It’s an album specially dedicated to the fans, made for the fans and together with the fans. “Together” is their first full-length English album, which means the start of a new era in their career.

“Together” debuted on #1 on both Norwegian and Swedish charts, #6 in Finland and #11 in Denmark!

In addition to the album release, the boys are going on their first ever arena tour, the ‘’Together Tour’’ with several sold out shows. First show to be announced was Stockholm Globe and it sold out in only 14 minutes!

And as that was not enough, they released their biography ‘’Vår Historie’’ and announced the release of their full-length documentary, that will have a theatrical release all over Scandinavia in 2017. But their biggest milestone of 2016, will be when they are playing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert!

The story about Marcus & Martinus is a story about two very normal Norwegian boys that turned into a huge teenage pop sensation in no time. There’s nothing stopping them now! Their story is far from over.



  • Debut Album “Hei” (Feb 2015) is certified platinum
  • #1 on Norwegian sales chart
  • #1 on Spotify Norway (7 singles in top 200 – June 2016)
  • #2 on Swedish album chart
  • 4 singles on Swedish Spotify top 200 (June 2016)
  • Top 200 Denmark (June 2016)
  • 90 weeks in top 40, and counting (#12 by November 2016)
  • 4 multiple platinum or platinum singles
  • 4 gold singles
  • 3rd most sold album in Norway in 2015 (after Ed Sheeran and Adele)
  • 2nd most sold & streamed artist in Norway in 2015 (after Kygo)
  • Sophomore album “Together” debuted on #1 on both Norwegian and Swedish charts, #6 in Finland and #11 in Denmark!
  • 557k+ followers on Instagram (November 2016)
  • Hundreds of international fan pages on social media
  • 63k+ likes on Facebook (November 2016)
  • 1,19 million monthly listeners on Spotify (November 2016)
  • 63% of streams come from outside of Norway (November 2016)
  • Sold out Oslo Spektrum Arena in less than two hours
    • Fastest selling Norwegian act in Oslo Spektrum of all time
    • Extra show also sold out
  • 16 sold out shows in 2016
  • 130 million YouTube/VEVO views
  • Most viewed music video on YouTube in Norway of 2015 (“Elektrisk” feat. Katastrofe)
  • Most viewed Norwegian speaking music video on YouTube of all time
  • Youngest ever Norwegian Grammy Nominated act
  • Nominated in 3 categories
    • Best Pop Group
    • Best Newcomer
    • Best Song
  • Winner of Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2015